Guitarras Calliope

The amazing Sound of

Kingsize Concert Guitars

Handmade in Spain, developed by Kai Heumann


Get touched by the beautiful voice of Calliope, the Muse of epic poetry and the "Kithara" in Greek mythology, mother and teacher of the musicians and singers Linus and Orpheus. 

We would like to invite you to make the experience of a totally unknown new Sound: 

The new invention of Kingsize Concert Guitars developed by Kai Heumann!

The evolution of Concert Guitar reached a new level by increasing the size of the Guitar. 

We are proud to present the loudest and finest concert guitars we have ever heard!

With an incredible wide range of frequencies you have never heard before from a concert guitar!

Guitarplayers with a light touch will be finally heard.

Rehearse without any amplification and even in an Orchestra or a Bigband you will have a big Sound.

With amplification you will notice a big dynamic improvement.

We recommend Carlos Pickups as the highest quality pickups for our concert Guitars. The preference of many Stars.

Modelo Orfeo Meistergitarre fretless Decke mit Golpeador 2

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